Venus Legacy Skin & Body treatments

Cellulite Reduction, Fat Reduction & Skin Tightening

Introducing the strongest, fastest and most comfortable treatment to clinically improve cellulite, tighten loose skin, smooth fat deposits and boost your confidence.

Venus Legacy™ treatments are designed to target the effects of ageing and lifestyle on your skin, and fit into any current health and beauty routine. If you want to look younger, smoother and slimmer and want real results – but don’t want the risk or downtime that comes with surgery  – take a look at how Venus Legacy works

Venus Legacy™ Benefits

Venus Legacy™ Treatment Process

What results can I expect from Venus Legacy?

Studies have shown that most people will see a noticeable improvement after an initial series of 6-8 treatments, though your results may vary. Visible changes are often noticeable after 1-3 weeks, with the results improving for up to 3 months after your final session. You will most likely notice an improvement in your skin tone. The appearance of stretch marks and loose skin may also be improved. For cellulite, a reduction of 20-90% is expected, with most patients averaging a 40% reduction. Venus Legacy has documented its results to last a minimum 12-18 months but will continue to last ongoing if one session per quarter is maintained after a series.